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  1. Chain definition, a series of objects connected one after the other, usually in the form of a series of metal rings passing through one another, used either for various purposes requiring a flexible tie with high tensile strength, as for hauling, supporting, or confining, or .
  2. the following four pillars of the simba chain platform enable you take control of your data: CUSTOM BUSINESS APIs SIMBA models customer business applications and generates blockchain apps and business networks the way you want: user groups, users, events, assets, and interactions (transactions) are converted into a customer API for blockchain.
  3. 69 synonyms of chain from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for chain. Chain: a series of things linked together.
  4. A Chain (Japanese: チェーン Chēn) is a stack that determines the order of resolution of activated cards and gedricotadiphotk.ibsizocsoultticnianermefulhillsurge.infoinfo and effects go on a Chain if and only if they activate. Chains are used when a card or effect is activated before another activated card or effect gedricotadiphotk.ibsizocsoultticnianermefulhillsurge.infoinfo player has the opportunity to respond to each activation by activating another card or effect.
  5. Feb 10,  · Supply Chain: A supply chain is a network between a company and its suppliers to produce and distribute a specific product, and the supply chain represents the steps it .
  6. chain (n.) c. , "connected series of links of metal or other material," from Old French chaeine "chain" (12c., Modern French chane), from Latin catena "chain" (source also of Spanish cadena, Italian catena), which is of unknown origin, perhaps from a PIE root *kat-"to twist, twine" (source also of Latin cassis "hunting net, snare").. As a type of ornament worn about the neck, from late 14c.
  7. Apr 02,  · How to Crochet a Chain. The chain stitch is a basic foundation element within crochet and it's very easy to make. It looks very similar to a braid and involves carefully manipulating a single piece of yarn, as with all crochet. Once you Views: K.
  8. The Chain by The Warlocks, released 03 April 1. Dear Son 2. The Robbery 3. Mr. Boogeyman 4. Double Life 5. We Don’t Need Money 6. You Stooge You 7. Sucking Out Your Soul Like A Son Of A Bitch 8. Have Mercy On Me 9. Feel No Pain / You Hurt Me I’m Not Good Enough / Party Like We Used To The brand new studio album from L.A.’s premiere psych band, The Warlocks!
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